• Teacher: Hindi Mein Anuwad Karo,
    "There was a fine line between Amitabh & Jaya."
    Pappu: Amitabh Aur Jaya Ke Beech Ek Mast Rekha Thi!
  • बंता: यार संता गाय घास क्यों खाती है?
    संता: ओये क्योंकि उसके पास और कोई चारा नहीं होता।
  • Itna Yaad Na Aaya Kar Ki Raat Bhar Na So Sake Hum,
    Subah Ko Surkh Aankhon Ka Sabab Puchte Hain Log!
  • Only Real Fashion A blonde was on vacation in the depths of Louisiana. She wanted a pair of genuine alligator shoes, but didn`t want to pay the high prices. After unsuccessfully haggling with of one of the shopkeepers... Read Full Joke...
  • मज़ा नहीं आएगा! एक दिन एक कंजूस आदमी के घर कोई मेहमान आ गया। अब कंजूस को यह चिंता सताने लगी कि इस मेहमान की मेहमान नवाज़ी में बेकार का खर्चा हो जायेगा तो... पूरा जोक पढ़ें...
  • Is BCCI right in ruling out any India-Pak cricket series in the wake of Gurdaspur terror attack?

Aries Remember that list of things you wanted to have done around the house? Get them out of the way as the Moon moves inside Sagittarius. It is time to tackle it head-on as domestic issues will be resolved relatively easily today. Your loved ones will be willing to lend a helping hand, so take advantage of their inclination to help, suggest astroYogi astrologers. At the end of the day, feel the relief of having knocked some of those pending tasks off your list. Wearing the colour brown will help you attract a lot of positive energy. The timing between 10:00 am and 11:30 am is very auspicious. Read More...